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I’ve dedicated my life to helping Southern Californians have the colorful, beautiful, thriving gardens of their dreams.

Now, I’m bringing my lessons directly into your garden, with Nan Sterman’s Garden School.

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I’ll Teach You… 

  • How gardens function as a system
  • How to grow in California’s dry summer, Mediterranean climate 
  • How to pick the right plants for your garden
  • How to grow fruits, vegetables, native plants, and more
  • How to place, plant, care for, and most of all, how to enjoy your garden
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Here's What's Included...

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What makes this course different?

Unlike other gardening courses, my Garden School offers live learning. I don’t simply give you a login and leave you on your own—we work together to improve your gardening skills, answer all your gardening questions, and help you be the gardener you’ve always dreamed of being. 

Plus, you’ll meet like-minded people who are as excited about plants and gardens as you are – and who won’t think you are crazy for getting dirt under your fingernails or twigs in your hair.

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What students are saying...

“Nan's Garden School is the best thing that has happened to my gardening game. The monthly checklists have helped to keep me on task... The live classes are extremely informative. There is always something new to learn even if you are a seasoned gardener. I highly recommend joining... You won't regret it. ”

Annette G.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Garden School with Nan... Her depth of knowledge and ability to make it understandable for a novice gardener has
allowed me to grow and feel much more confident in my own garden."

Denise H. 

"Every time we have Garden School, I get reinvigorated to take care of my garden...
Nan covers so many different gardening topics, from basic botany to proper irrigation to garden design...Time flies by, before you know it, you’ve learned so many new things."

Erela R.